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So what is a fun dice game?

Here is my fun dice game pick… Calculat3d Chaos… a series of strategic dice math games that revolve around 8 characters that must battle for survival of the quickest. Players must put their mathematical knowledge to the test and go head-to-head with each other to prove themselves victorious. Players use addition, subtraction, and multiplication dice faster than their opponents in this game for the CHANCE to spin or roll to advance their pieces along the board. But don’t get too excited…in this game, it’s not always the better faster player who wins…20% of the time its strategy and lady luck. Calculat3d Chaos is competitive fun for the whole family!

Math games with dice

Although I may be a little biased… This is because Calculat3d Chaos is a game that I created while working with kids and youth for over 15 years academically. My goal in creating this was to make a board game where kids and adults could play and stimulate their brains without seeing it as an educational exercise. I call this method of brain stimulation, “Learning without thinking”. And with that… Calculat3d Chaos was born. 

Multiplication Dice Game PDF

Click the link to get Calculat3d Chaos’ Multiplication dice game printable for free. 

Watch the video and see how easy it is to print and play this basic version of math games with dice from Calculat3d Chaos with promo code: FREE

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